$48,984,000 in Indiana Scholarship available. Have you claimed yours?

$48,984,000 in Indiana Scholarship available. Have you claimed yours?

2,041 7th and 8th grade students are eligible in Delaware and Grant Counties.

Each student is eligible for up to $41,552 in 21st Century Scholarships.

Total available scholarship dollars is a whopping $84,807,632.  Nearly  EIGHTY-FIVE MILLION dollars. Folks, that’s a lot of cash. And some of it is earmarked for your family.

But you have to act now!

No seriously. The deadline is coming fast. This isn’t a joke or an infomercial. All eligible 8th grade students must register by June 30th or the opportunity is gone.

I completely understand if you’re asking, “Is this is a gimmic?” I can confidently answer, “No!” It’s a wonderful program that knows it must offer some pretty amazing incentives to help our most fragile kids prepare for their future success.

Thousands of Indiana students have graduated from college using the Twenty-First Century Scholarship, which began in 1990, to incentivize middle school students to plan for their future. The program asks students to sign a “good citizen pledge” and in exchange, they will receive tuition money to any accredited Indiana college. It sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? But it isn’t.

Don’t worry if your child doesn’t seem like “college” material. The Twenty-first Century Scholarship covers costs for apprenticeships, community college and certificate programs as well. Does your child want to be a mechanic, a welder, or a factory worker? All of those careers require some training after high school. The Twenty-first Century Scholars program will provide the financial footing to make training possible for your child.

Eligible students MUST sign up in 7th or 8th grade. You must ACT NOW! As students use the program, there are times that the State of Indiana must make changes to be certain enough funding exists to sustain the program. When you register your 7th grade student before the June 30th deadline, you make certain that your child’s is enrolled and the eligiblity requirements are locked in.

Apply online TODAY!  Or call Camille (765) 747-5250 or Johnny (765) 651-0650 for assistance with enrollment.



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