Education vs. Salary: How learning equals earning.

The Grant County Economic Growth Council reports that 60% of jobs in Grant County, Indiana require some kind of training after high school. Sixty percent! More than half!

The chart from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows us just how going to college impacts how much money you earn. What we learn from this chart is: If the jobs require more education, then they likely also pay better, too! So the jobs in Grant County that require training – 60% of the jobs open – require training and pay higher than jobs that don’t require training!


Employers are reporting that they need more workers, but those who are applying don’t have the correct skills. That’s why we believe it’s so important for everyone who is eligible for the Twenty-first Century Scholarship to apply for the program. The Twenty-first Century Scholarship provides the training you need for free. And training can help our young people become the workforce our community needs.

By applying for the Twenty-first Century Scholars program, 7th and 8th graders are setting themselves up for a future where their hard work will earn more. Remember: Lower wage workers don’t work less. They simply earn less from their hard work. Training makes your work pay off more!

So please, register your child today! The deadline is June 30 for 8th grade students to register for the Twenty-first Century Scholarship. Don’t delay!

Are you a community member interested in helping our young people achieve their educational and career goals? If so, consider being a mentor! Learn more at


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