Project Leadership is committed connecting motivated youth with caring adults. Project Leadership is often asked if there are ways to contribute services to support students and partner in impacting students’ futures. Not everyone is able to commit to an hour per week; a job shadow is a great way to engage with Project Leadership students on a short-term, as needed basis.

Host a Job Shadowing Experience

The opportunity to job shadow a professional has a tremendous impact on the career decisions and future success of a 21st Century Scholar. Job Shadowing provides the real-life work place experiences that students crave. You can help remove the guess work from career discovery by spending a half-day with a student.

Project Leadership serves as a bridge to new and different opportunities for Scholars.

Often students from middle and upper income levels will have a job shadow experience with a family friend. However, many 21st Century Scholars are first generation college students who lack the connections to explore jobs that require post-secondary training.

Job Shadow experiences have a positive impact for employers as well. A 2010 research study by Junior Achievement states 68% of employees felt a deeper connection to their employer and career after hosting a job shadow student. Job Shadow experiences are a way for corporations to increase local students in a specialized skill area. As Scholars understand a career or an industry, engagement in that occupation increase.

Please consider spending a half day with a Scholar: by hosting a job shadow experience, you can positively influence the career trajectory of a high school student.

Would your corporation consider joining Project Leadership to positively impact the youth in our community? To get started, contact Sue Godfrey at