Middle School

Scholar Recruitment

Project Leadership recruits middle school students into Indiana’s 21st Century Scholars program which can help them pay for college tuition. Since Project Leadership began its recruitment efforts, Scholar enrollment has grown from 16% in 2007 in Grant County to 90% now. In Delaware County, where recruitment efforts began in 2009, Scholar enrollment increased from 28% to 80% of eligible students.

21st Century Scholars Program Overview

Indiana’s 21st Century Scholars Program began in 1990 to ensure that every Hoosier student can afford the opportunity provided by a college degree. Today, eligible students who keep the Scholar Pledge to excellence in school and life receive a Scholarship to help pay for their college education.

Indiana’s 21st Century Scholars Program offers income-eligible Hoosier students up to four yea rs of paid tuition at an eligible Indiana college or university after they graduate from high school. In middle and high school, 21st Century Scholars are connected to programs and resources to help them plan, prepare, and pay for college. Once in college, Scholars receive support to complete their college degrees and connect to career opportunities.

7th and 8th grade Indiana students whose families meet income eligibility guidelines can apply to become a 21st Century Scholar. Applications must be received by June 30 of the student’s 8th grade year. Students may apply online, or by contacting Kaye Harrell with Project Leadership’s Scholar Recruitment team.

Succeeding in School

While in high school, 21st Century Scholars are expected to complete a Scholar Success Program that helps them plan, prepare and pay for college completion. Three required activities each year help Scholars stay on track to graduate high school and earn a college degree. Participation in the Scholar Success Program is recommended for all Indiana students and required for 21st Century Scholars who start high school in the fall of 2013 or later.

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ICE League

The vision behind the ICE League has been to form an educational and athletic league with non-profit and community supporters who emphasize the importance of strong academics, health and character, particularly among 7th-and 8th-grade boys who receive motivation to be strong student athletes.

The ICE League sets the grade point average bar at 2.5 and higher for students who wish to fully participate in the basketball league for 7th- and 8th-grade boys in Muncie Community Schools.

A partnership with the school system and permission by students’ parents allows the League to monitor student GPA progress before the February draft and during the February/March playing season.

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