Support services are provided to mentoring program participants to assist them in completing a post-secondary degree or credential. This recent expansion in Project Leadership programming was brought about by an alarming lack of persistence of 21st Century Scholars in the post-secondary setting. On average, in Indiana, about 1 in 10 Scholars complete their degrees or credentials on time. Three in 10 Scholars complete at all.

Throughout the school year, post-secondary mentoring matches college students with adult mentors whose duties include:

  • Establishing and maintaining an intensive coaching relationship with the Scholar that is focused on his or her college graduation.
  • Supporting the Scholars fulfillment of the academic progress requirements of the Scholars program.
  • Communication that includes contact via phone, e-mail or Skype, campus visits if possible and visits with the Scholar while they are back home.

Project Leadership staff is supporting post-secondary Scholars in the following ways:

  • Contact with Scholars that includes contact after that via phone, e-mail, campus visits when possible and visits with the Scholar while they are back home.
  • Ensuring Scholars are connected to the contact person and support systems on the post-secondary campus.
  • Ensuring the student is on track to fulfill Scholar academic requirements by tracking the student’s data including school persistence, academic progress, financial aid and work status.

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