Indiana ranks 34th out of 50 states in college attainment.

Only 1 in 10 21st Century Scholars graduate from college on time.

And only 3 in 10 21st Century Scholars graduate at all.

College graduates earn 40% more than high school graduates.

These sobering statistics motivate us to action. We believe that education is a vital part of the health of individuals and communities. Education after high school, be that an apprenticeship, technical certificate, associate’s or bachelor’s degree, we know that education beyond high school is key to greater personal opportunity.

One adult

One student

One hour

Each week.

To change the statistics, Project Leadership matches volunteers from our community to mentor motivated high school students to provide support to guide students to and through college. Mentors commit to a year of service, meeting with students for an hour each week. Because we know that college degrees provide the opportunities that make individuals and communities successful.

Please join us today to mentor a student and improve our community. Together we can make a difference.

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